Hello 2016

Hey everybody,
I hope you had a great start into the 2016 season.

I would like to introduce you to my new main partner SQlab.


More than 20 years ago, circa in the end of the 80’s, Toby Hild, SQlab’s founder and I, were riding together Motocross. He was definitely competitive and focused about racing while I did it just for fun beside my real passion, BMX racing.
In 2004, when SQlab was already a name in the cycling industry, we used to have a signature saddle cooperation. The feedback on the product was great and the colors ahead of it’s time. So for the young brand, too. Back then their real focus wasn’t dirt jumping or 4X racing either.
Things are always changing and so do we. When we get older we are focused on what we believe in. Which means, that I can truly say, after many injuries and surgeries, many coached athletes, many ups and downs on the health side, I have the precise feeling to develop ergonomic bicycle parts.
That means that from now on I will be 100% involved in SQlab’s product development.
I’m really looking forward to bring my long experience of anatomy, rehab, riding, racing and coaching (athletes and people in all kind of ages), into a product. I know exactly what it needs to have a better and comfortable time on the bike. To be more precise, it’s not the pain we should feel, it’s the fun and flow of every second without having forearm pump, sore wrists, neck problems or a sore bum. Yes, that’s what sucks. Imagine that you increase your physical problems by using the wrong components while riding your bicycle.
Absolutely the thing we really love most.
I said bicycle and do not mean a specific MTB. It doesn’t matter what kind of bicycle you ride as long as it suits your anatomic conditions. Every product should support you as if it’s made for you.
That’s why I’m back with tons of experience and ideas. Thank you Toby. Thank’s to the whole SQlab team.
Give us a follow and enjoy our performance based ergonomics.
instagram / facebook

some pictures of our collaboration back then in 2006


Let me introduce you to some more changes

As you’ve probably seen I’m back on Royal Racing gear. After this brand got bought from some bean counters, they got bought back from it’s former owners. So I’m back on the program, as well. Thank you Martin, thank you Cosmic Sports for the spirit. Additional I’m happy to get protected with 7iDP and shocked by Cane Creek Cycling Components.
Royal Racing instagram /facebook
7iDP instagram /facebook
Cane Creek instagram / facebook
Cosmic Sports instagram /facebook


Dragon Alliance Europe will be my new sport glasses and goggle partner from now on. Check their beautiful products on their social media accounts:
instagram / facebook

If you’re missing a frame partner, you are right. There is none. I’ll be open to all brands especially for tests and honest statements. Even if they suck.
There is also an phenomenal idea in the pipeline for the new highlight clip of the BIKE Magazin Festivals that I’ll be hosting soon. So stay in touch for more.

Mission Wales
In November 2015 I went to my good old friend Se Bkm to do some test laps with the new products. I also took a closer look to some parts I’ve never used before. Honestly, I got surprised.
This was one of my main go working closer with SQlab again in the future. Here some shots of the trailcenter in Llandegla and the most pictured watch after Big Ben in Chester.

Bike Camp La Palma with the Sportschule Puch and Magic Bike La Palma
Earlier than expected we went again to the ‘isla bonita’ for a week of riding. In this case we were a good mixture of cultures. A south american from Argentina, two swiss guys and a bunch of bavarians in one crew? haha, it was so much fun. We had definitely a very special mtb camp. If you don’t believe me, ask the crew. Thank you guys, you made my week very special.


Cosmic Sports Fat Ride Nights will be on soon
We will organize the Fat Ride Nights soon in Fürth to shred in the Fürther Stadtwald. For further information please follow me on: Facebook
If you think a fatbike is useless or a trendy way to ride?
You are wrong. It’s a different kind of riding, especially on snow. It’s also a good training on your hometrail even it has no snow. I’m enjoying the rigid version of the fatty and I work on my smooth skills in the off-season. Thank you Cosmic Sports for the purple haze Salsa Beargrease.

latest coverage

latest social media


talk soon and stay in touch.




February 9, 2016| top

2015 was and is awesome – thank you!

Hy guys,

I’m more than back after my bad injury.
Earlier than from anyone of my rehab team expected I could start the season 3 months after my crash. So sweet and so thankful in the same time.

Willingen was my first Bike Festival in 2015 and it was a great pleasure seeing everybody again. We did this highlight clip for BIKE Magazin so please have a short view on a ‘different’ introduction when Tibor hosting this event.


Saalbach Hinterglemm was on the schedule with their first self organized Glemmride MTB Festival. What an event. Great people, great action of the Slopestyle and for sure, tons of good runs of the bicycle kingdom. Judging the Glemmride FMB Silver event was again a big challenge because of the high level. Anyway, good times with the ladies and Lifefood smoothies.

I was happy to grace the brazilian BIKE mag. Hans Rey made it happen. Our Argentina Story again on their way…

…and in the czech iVelo:

not to forget Dirt Rag Magazine‘s version:

The Canyon ‘Jugendcamp’ by Rob J in Saalbach was on again… and again… oh yes again and again… the best week of the year with all the kids. See you next year.

Canyon brought out some new Fitness bikes for 2016. The plan was to shoot some authentic pictures in an amazing city. Barcelona was the choice.

I’m happy to represent ‘Vatter – cotton with attitude’ from know on. Organic underwear for everyone. Please check their webpage: www.vatter-fashion.com

my Partner Lifefood is taking care on the young guns… read their dedication in Gravity Magazin!

Eurobike 2015 was huge. Mixed with all the new trend urban mobility and electric system I guess we need a bigger location for the biggest bike exhibition in the world. Anyway, good times, good chats with good people… Love it agin and again.

presenting Ergon‘s new laserlemonlimitededition. U gonna like this word? haha.

Have you ever heard about the Worldgames in Saalbach? Pretty big event for Marathon, XC and DH.
I was happy to award the winners with my buddy Dany Herz from Rotwild.


The second Lifefood/Sportschule FFB Puch MTB Camp in Saalbach Hinterglemm was a blast. more than 40 people were focused on mountainbiking, yoga, intelligent training and good food… What would you expect more? Ask anybody who showed up, it was amazing. Thank you for your dedication. We are looking forward to see you next year.

Not that I’m chasing for likes or followers.
If you want to stay closer what’s new, what happened, about prototypes, crazy stuff and anything about what I’m doing feel free to get connected on:



Have you ever been to the Mountainbike Magazin Testival in Brixen?
Amazing trails, good food, nice people and a little old fashion town are making this event so special… Not to forget that you can test all of the 2016 products… sweet. We did a few special nightrides in collaboration with my partners Magura and Lupine. Even Brett Tippie joined us through the night.

web media:

Mountainbiking at night

print media:


social media:


Finally I would thank you for your support, your spirit and time.

…looking forward to see you soon,






November 6, 2015| top

2015 starts with an injury

Hy everybody,

Short after my last news I had a little crash while slipping out on some rocks and twisted my ankle pretty bad. Surgery was the only way to fix the damage and I’m still in a rehab mode. A few of my ligaments and tensions are needing some more time to be 100% strong again.   I would like to thank everybody for his/her special support during my rehabilitation. Especially my doc who did a really good job and my partners for their patience. I’ll be back soon.

I’ve found this report of our last years FREERIDE Magazin Camp in the web. Seems like our friends from Bike Components had a great time: www.bike-components.de

Our Argentina Story seems unstoppable:



Dirt Rag:




Currently it runs on TV. Check out Sports Unlimited or Hans Rey’s webpage:


A special Thank you to my asian partner Kenda Tires. In every Issue of MTB-, BIKE Magazin and Decline I’m honored to represent my all time favorite, the Honeybadger.


Coverage print:



Die Miesbacherin:

social media:


‘My first time in Saalbach Hinterglemm’… about a guy who’s exploring the bike kingdom. Enjoyable to read.

As you know and always can see, I’m totally into clean food especially If you have time to cook with selected flavouring ingredients. See Moni’s blog for some delicious receipts:

I’m so happy about my new Sixsixone Evo-AM lifefood helmet painted by the master: rld3signs.tumblr.com

The Glemmride Festival is three weeks ahead. Don’t miss it. see u there!


As you can see: I’m be back on my bike ☺✌


I hope to see you in Willingen for my first festival this season. I’ll be doing some uphills and some chilled descents…

talk soon,


June 10, 2015| top

welcome 2015

Hy everybody,

I hope winter treats you well.

After a couple weeks of slowing down I’m really looking forward to what comes this season.
But let’s get some review first.

On the very last possible ride in Saalbach/Hinterglemm I did an introduction of a view trails there. My friend Vali Höll and I were inspecting the proline and before winter was coming I went up by shuttle to make sure the new fresh little kickers on the Hacklberg works. The pictures and sequences we did were so inspiring that Nathan Hughes had the idea about doing a whole story out of it.
The media called it pictures of next level or just epic. I would say it was an unforgettable day at the place I love.

Gravity Magazin
Enduro Magazine

our Argentina story is still going wild:
Bike Action USA published our epic time in Argentina. Riding from Tilcara to the national park Calilegua was quit intense and 100% worth it. See some different pictures of our trip. Hans Rey, Dan Milner and I had really one of our best adventure rides so far.


following by MTB UK’s railroad story. Intense time riding along an closed railroad. You guess it’s no scary, oh yes. It is sometimes.


Trailninja aka Dan Milner got this photo recollection in Freehub US magazine. Loving this one following Hans the steep rocky trail. Next time I’ll bring sunscreen 100+ for sure.


Vali Höll, the young shredding lady and local from Saalbach/Hinterglemm had an interview in Dirt Magazin (D). For this shot we went really close to enjoy the Proline trail.

Thank you guys from Bikemagazin.at for the interview:



Kenda‘s DMC video #2 is out. Riding in Bovec/Slovenia with Tschugg, McGarry, Porter and the organizing crew was epic. What would you expect of riding in a foreign country with a couple friends?
probably this:

Riding in winter is one thing. Another thing is if the trails still dry from the sun. Hell yeah. Christoph Bayer and I carving down in Garmisch/Germany. YES, it was cold.

Enduro Magazine


WOMB with their best of products. Including bikeparks.

helmet designs are always rad. For sure I prefer my long time partner Lifefood design made by RLDesigns

Once a year. Discbrake test for germanys BIKE Magazin. Big guys for sure need good brakes. And the winner is:


a few more shots in this issue of BIKE

found myself on pinkbike’s POD. Nathan took the shot already when the sun was gone. We both were happy with the result.


digital media output:


Boris aka Mr. riders-illustrated went wild. Tried my best as Santa Claus

Getting in shape for 2015 is on the plan. A few weeks cycling on the roads of Gran Canaria seems to be the ideal way to escape the winter.

Our first camp in 2015 will be the MOD Camp on La Palma. Pretty much the whole crew of the former Bombenkrater in Munich.  Guess what MOD means?
Members Of Drsch. I think this gonna be a good time on the vulcan Island.
Thank you www.magic-bike-lapalma.com for hosting and Daniel Schäfer for guiding us.

after a few days in Germany I will head south again for rad-international.coms Enduro Camp powered by my long time partner CANYON. Come and join us!

my first adventure in 2015 will be soon in March. The trailninja Dan Milner is with us for some more craziness safety. Stay tuned in my next news.

Glemmride festival 2015. Saalbach/Hinterglemm invites you to a good time. 02.-05. July is the date to safe. The FMB Tour will be back with an even bigger course than known. Nightrides, X-Line DH race, Kids DH and so on… so be there or be square


thank you for stopping by,

talk soon,




February 9, 2015| top

season closing 2014

Time flies by and an incredible season is over.

the MTB-NEWS guys came out with their own gear. I guess their statement is well known to everybody.

Our Argentina Trip earlier this year is still a big success for us. Word spread worldwide:





Thank you guys from Acros. It’s been a long time working together. Good people, good stuff and good times.

FREERIDE Magazin’s Mottolino Bikepark Camp was on in July. 3 days of shredding at one of the highest parks here in Europe. Bad weather couldn’t stop us and Holger Meyer and his agency “die Rasenmäher” did a great job of organisation.

…straight after the camp it felt like Groundhog day. Like in the years before I went on a nightshift from Livigno to Saalbach/Hinterglemm for the big Jugendcamp organized by Rob J and Alps Biketours. 100 kids were waiting to shred the bike kingdom with its big variety of trails. The young generation Buchegg resort was our host and we couldn’t had a better stay. Again, again, and again: THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR
Special thanks to my partners Canyon, Kenda and Lifefood for their support.


KENDA DMC team worldwide showed up in Saalbach and we were not only shooting a bunch of riding scenes together. Kelly McGarry, Carson Storch, Guido Tschugg, Eric Porter and I went down the trails a 100 times to get captured by Markus Greber’s drone. Christian Walter did the filming and here’s part one, enjoy:

Our famous trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm made into the TOP TEN of FREERIDE MAGAZIN. let’s celebrate and I hope to see you there next season.

…as you know my second home is Austrias Saalbach/Hinterglemm. An Interview that I’ve found blushed me :).


Dan Milner, pro shooter based in Chamonix/France came up with his new webpage. Stunning pictures and def. a click worth to check.


With Stefan Herrmann’s mtb-academy I went for a weekend of coaching his MTB-Freetrail Camp in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. Everyone can imagine how boring it is to do bike exercises on a parking lot but the result is ground breaking. All guys stepped up their riding skills and def. enjoyed every little inch of the trail much more than before.


You probably have heard of Lupine Lightning Systems? www.lupine.de. I guess so. These guys are my new partners for a brighter collaboration. I’m pretty stoke to work with the leaders in this segment. Check out our shooting we did with the Master Colin Stewart.

In collaboration with my food partner Lifefood and the Sportschule Puch we had a perfect MTB camp in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. Best weather, good people, tons of fun and of course, good food. Looking forward to next year.


Mountainbike Magazin’s Testival in Brixen brought it again to the next level. Nightrides, smooth trails, shuttles and good weather. I love this weekend and season ender.

more print/digital media:









Thank you for this awesome and intense season. Have a great winter and stay healthy.


looking forward to catch up with you in 2015







November 24, 2014| top

mid season 2014

Hope all is well and you are enjoy riding to the fullest.


…at the same time when the bike festival in Riva was I spent a couple hours shooting with Ale di Lullo. Marzocchi 350 was the hot stuff to capture… snapper: Ale di Lullo


Winterberg was hosting us for the Dirtmasters and my partner Canyon took the opportunity to launch the all new Stitched Dirt bike. Such a sweet and hot bike. Check out their webpage for getting your own: Canyon

…not only the release of the dirt-weapon was the trip worth it. I did some runs with Mr. Worldchampion Joos Wichmann for a german TV production, went some couple runs down the 4X track and compete at the Dirtmasters #whipoffs. I can tell, what a good time to ride with everybody.


whipoffs video:


For sure it’s one of the biggest events here in Europe and I did some signing sessions for the bulletin magazine, stopped by at my partners and hell yeah, had a blast riding with the Freeride Jugendcamp Plus guys.


2 weeks after Winterberg the “Hochsauerland” invites us again for the Willingen BIKE Festival. some events were going on and of course I did my daily riding clinics for my big and long time partner Canyon. Good times shredding with all of you.

Together with Ergon Bike Ergonomics we were shooting a short “how to set up my backpack” and in between it was enough time for some posing:)

Dirk Bornträger, Jgendcamp and Jugencamp plus participant for so many years were sitting in the hot seat for a while and finished 6th at the IXS Downhill Cup in Willingen. So happy for him.

In between of all the events we went for a day shredding in Bischofsmais at the Geisskopf were the flow country trail of Hans Rey and Diddie Schneider is based. Some uphill riding mixed with perfectly shape trails were worth it showing some pictures. Thank you SE for the shots.


The Hacklberg II trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm  took some time to built. But in the end it was a great time and all the guys who were involved finished the trail in time for the opening a week before the bikes and beats festival. Some first rides were already awesome.

MTB workshop in Saalbach Hinterglemm for the bike’n soul coaches was a blast. We were doing set ups for the bikes and several techniques to coach people on different trails. Thanks everybody! Enjoy the bike area and if you stay in one of the BIKE’N SOUL Hotels get a coach and enjoy the beautiful region.


Dan Milner, Hans Rey and I went to Argentina not only to ride a abandoned railroad but also to dance tango… just kidding, we did an epic traverse from Tilcara into the national park of Calilegua. Check out the crazy trail ninja vid here: www.epictv.com

Thank you to my partner lifefood for this new fullface helmet. Their vegan, gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar, organic certified and organic food is the best balance to an active time on the bike. The slogan: “made with love” is 100% true.

Bikes and Beats Festival was on the schedule. Good times riding with lots of people and friends who are enjoing our sport.

another workshop part II for all BIKE’N SOUL coaches and guiding some press people was on the plan. For my partner Lifefood I went out with Lukas Hennecke to do some shots: credit: Lukas Hennecke

…right after the festival the Mountainbike Womens Camp was on. What a pleasure coaching with my good friend Antje Kramer.


…after a short brake of riding my tire partner Kenda invites us for a video production. Bringing the DMC crew together and getting on an adventure in Saalbach/Hinterglemm Austria and Bovec/Slovenia. Carson Storch, Eric Porter, Kelly McGarry, Guido Tschugg and I had a awesome time shredding together. can’t wait to see the clip. Thanks to Kenda, Riko, Bascht, Saalbach/Hinterglemm, Mac and MTB Galaxy.  

Just in case you need a trailer:

KENDAs press launch was a blast – so the pictures we did with Markus Greber. Few of my partners shared some hot shots. Thank you guys.








thanks for your time and have fun shredding your bike




July 28, 2014| top


Sportschule FFB-Puch


Kenda Tires





e*thirteenLifefood 24MAGURA




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